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We are two millennials working overtime to bring clarity to the Canadian real estate market. 


Like many of you, we struggled to find an online platform where we could follow historical trends, see how different cities compare, or get guidance on possible paths to home ownership. This lead to the creation of The Habistat, a place where you can explore a wide variety of data in a way that is easy to understand.

Get updates on the latest housing news, stats, and more

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Get started

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Analytics Platform

Visit our interactive analytics dashboard to follow historical trends and compare cities regarding home prices, rent, income, and more. This dashboard also includes tools that can help you plan for buying a home one day. 

Reading the Paper


While we are collecting and analyzing all of this data, sometimes we come across topics that need some writing to go along with it. Read our articles here, providing more context to the data. 

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GTA analytics portal

The GTA Analytics Dashboard is designed by data analytics experts and some of the top realtors in the GTA to help realtors become more informed and provide better service to their clients. Click below to learn more and subscribe.  

Street Protest

Get involved

Healthy housing markets are key to a country's social and economic success. Besides making historical data more accessible, we created a petition asking policymakers to publicly recognize the housing affordability crisis in Canada. We will also post links to other efforts and resources that could help. 

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