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Benchmark home price to income ratio, compare locations

Notes for this analysis:


  • This visualization show the ratio of individuals' income to the Home Price Index (HPI) benchmark prices by city, for the selected property type.

  • Income was estimated for 2019 and 2020 as Statistics Canada has not yet released this. Statistics Canada only publishes incomes figures in constant dollars, so we have calculated the actual incomes in historical years ourselves. The income figures are representative of all census participants (age 16 or older), and would be higher if we were only looking at full-time employees. However, this level of detail is only available at specific points in time rather than historically. If you would like to compare our figures to 2016 income for specific age groups or education levels, visit this link.


  • Per CREA, the HPI is the most advanced and accurate tool to gauge a neighbourhood's home price levels and trends. As CREA publishes monthly figures, the benchmark amounts on this page represent the simple average of monthly home prices for the year. In years which are not yet completed, the figures will represent the average YTD monthly price (not seasonally adjusted). For further information, visit this link.


  • Statistics Canada and CREA define regions differently. As a result, the comparisons between home prices and income are not perfect and are for illustrative purposes only. We are only showing regions where we determined, using our judgement, there is a reasonably adequate match.

  • Planned updates:

    • Ability to present household income instead of only individual income

* Our analytics platform is not optimized for mobile devices. Please visit this page on your desktop or tablet.

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