The Habistat's GTA Analytics Dashboard

Data-driven insights that can help you provide superior client service


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  1. Advise clients on properties that meet their needs

  2. Help your clients make more informed bids

  3. Recognize trends before the competition

  4. Boost social media presence

  5. Track performance against the market

Why choose us

We are data analytics professionals that have been working with some of the top realtors in the GTA to transform the real estate market. Our dashboard is regularly updated and we are always happy to consider user feedback and develop new analysis that can help you. The dashboard is fully dynamic allowing you to select the region (for cities in the GTA where TRREB operates), property type, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.


No need to worry about always being on the go because with us you’ll be able to work on desktop, tablet, or mobile. The Habistat’s GTA Analytics Dashboard is always with you when you or your clients need the most up-to-date real estate data.  

Examples of report pages

This dashboard will be continually evolving to incorporate new analysis that can either answer more questions or solve more of your day-to-day problems.


Each page is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the dashboard to your specific needs. You can also save your preferred settings for any page, so that the next time you use the dashboard you don't need to change any settings. 

Below, you can see some examples of the pages in the dashboard.

  • In seconds, get a detailed understanding of listings (or sales using our other tool) for the date range of your choice. 

  • Search for an address with multiple units and instantly see sale and lease trends, as well as individual active/past transactions.

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  • Visualize key stats such as close price, volume, days on market, close to list, and more - annually, quarterly, monthly or even daily!

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  • Trying to find a comparable property to either price your listing or advise on a bid? Search for similar past listings on a map!

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  • There are always bidding wars, but maybe the competition is not so intense for the location/property your client is interested in! 

Website image 4.PNG
  • Advise clients on locations and property characteristics that can best meet their budgets. Location vs. living space!

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  • At a glance, you can find out how sales and leases compared to the prior month or year. Stay in the know for these key stats!