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The Habistat's GTA Analytics Dashboard

Data-driven insights that can help you provide superior client service


Learn why this dashboard is right for you

Recognize immediate benefits

  1. Advise clients on properties that meet their needs

  2. Help your clients make more informed bids

  3. Recognize trends before the competition

  4. Boost social media presence

  5. Track performance against the market

Why choose us

We are data analytics professionals that have been working with some of the top realtors in the GTA to transform the real estate market. Our dashboard is regularly updated and we encourage our users to provide feedback so that we can develop new analysis that can help you. The dashboard is fully dynamic allowing you to select the region, cities or communities (for cities in the GTA where TRREB operates), property type, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. Customize your dashboard for your specific need or market and impress clients during consultations by immediately producing comparables and detailed property reports! 

Examples of report pages

Below are several examples of the reports in the dashboard. You can watch the video above to see more or contact us for a demonstration of our 30 other reports available.

V2 - Summary Page.JPG
  • In seconds, get a detailed understanding of of sales and leases for the date range of your choice.  

V2 - Positive CF.png
  • Find potential cash flow positive listings by inputting an appropriate interest rate, amortization period and down payment % to determine ownership costs versus average lease.

V2 - Sales Price Trend.png
  • Visualize key stats such as close price, volume, days on market, close to list, and more - annually, quarterly, monthly or even daily!

V2 - Over or Under Ask.png
  • Use this to see the trends of volume and/or % over and under ask.

V2 - Analyze Properties.png
  • Search for an address with multiple units and instantly see sale and lease trends, maintenance fees, as well as individual active/past transactions. This comprehensive report comes with much more, watch our demonstration video to find out! 

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